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We are a professional enterprise that specializes in pipeline production, sales, and export. Established in 1992, our company covers an area of 100,000 square meters and is equipped with advanced production equipment, complete testing facilities, and a strong technical team. Our main products include boiler tubes (40%), pipeline tubes (30%), petrochemical pipes (10%), heat exchange tubes (10%), and mechanical tubes (10%). We offer a complete range of products including SA106B, 20g, Q345, 12Cr1MoVG, 15CrMoG, Cr5Mo, 1Cr9Mo, 10CrMo910, A335P5/P9/P11/P12/P22/P91/P92. With our expertise in sales and consultation, we are committed to providing high-quality products and services to our customers.
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Why Choose Us

When it comes to pipeline production, sales, and export, choosing the right company to work with is crucial. With so many options available, it's important to find a company that offers high-quality products, advanced production equipment, and an extensive range of products. That's where our company comes in.Established in 1992, our company has been a leader in the industry for nearly 30 years. We have built a reputation for excellence, reliability, and innovation, and we continue to be a trusted partner for customers around the world.One of the key reasons to choose our company is our unwavering commitment to quality. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards using advanced production equipment and complete testing facilities. This ensures that our products meet or exceed industry standards and are capable of withstanding the most demanding applications.Our company covers an area of 100,000 square meters, providing ample space for the production and storage of our products. This large facility allows us to maintain an extensive inventory, ensuring that we can meet the needs of our customers with fast delivery times and competitive pricing.Our product range is another reason to choose us. We offer a comprehensive selection of pipeline products, including boiler tubes, pipeline tubes, petrochemical pipes, heat exchange tubes, and mechanical tubes. This diverse range allows us to serve a wide variety of industries and applications, making us a one-stop shop for all your pipeline needs.We take pride in the quality and variety of our products. Our main products include SA106B, 20g, Q345, 12Cr1MoVG, 15CrMoG, Cr5Mo, 1Cr9Mo, 10CrMo910, A335P5/P9/P11/P12/P22/P91/P92. This range covers a wide range of materials and specifications, ensuring that we have the right solution for your specific requirements.In addition to our high-quality products and extensive range, our company also boasts a team of experts with strong technical abilities. Our staff is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support, ensuring that you receive the guidance and assistance you need to find the right products for your project.We also extend our commitment to excellence to our export services. Our company has a strong track record of delivering products to customers around the world, and we have the experience and expertise to handle all aspects of the export process efficiently and effectively.In conclusion, there are many reasons to choose our company for your pipeline production, sales, and export needs. From our commitment to quality and innovation to our extensive product range and export capabilities, we have the skills, resources, and expertise to be your trusted partner in the industry. When you choose our company, you can have confidence that you are working with a company that is dedicated to excellence and committed to meeting your needs.